Original portraits
in a limited edition
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For media
"Pop art portraits, created by Asya Malevich, are in demand from members of government authorities and business elite of Russia, as well as from many show business stars, such as Timati, Stas Mikhailov, Sergei Zhukov, Vera Brezhneva, Valery Meladze, Dima Bilan, Maxim Galkin, Alexander Ovechkin and others.

Asya's paintings are exhibited in one of the oldest pop art galleries -"Walton Fine Arts" in London in Wall Street - next to such artists as Banksy, Hirst, Picasso, Warhol, Wesselmann, Shagal, Bambi. Over the 25 years of Walton Fine Arts' history, Asya Malevich is the only Russian artist, whose works are exhibited in this gallery and the only pop art painter from Russia. "
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Hand made
"All pictures are created by hand without printing.
Oh the first stage a digital sketch is to be created and agreed. On the second stage this sketch is captured on the canvas using fine masking techniques, brushes and paints."
Original technique
"Each work is a unique project. I try to make each portrait special, bright and unique. I invest all my artistic experience including masking technique, brush techniques and color experiments in the creation of your portrait. "
Best canvases and paints
"All materials which I use are chosen according three main criteria: long service life, creativity maximum and environmental friendliness. All pictures are painted on natural canvases finished with acrylic paints. "
Pictures samples
Following are samples of pictures executed at different times.
"Thank you, that you don't forget to post comments and opinions, they inspire me to achieve new creative goals! "
The portrait promises to be a really excellent gift:
Space design
"In addition to creation of customized portraits, you can contact me anytime to share any interesting idea. I participate in exhibitions, submit artworks and paint pictures for interior design. "
40x50 cм.
50x70 cм.
60x60 cм.
60x80 cм.
100x80 cм.
100x120 cм.
With certificate of authenticity enclosed
Personal delivery of the painting
In the studio
My contacts
Phone & What'p: : +7 919-060-1241
E-mail: AsyaMalevich@gmail.com

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